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Sloughhouse RCD Employment Opportunities

Water Efficiency Program Coordinator
Water Efficiency Program Coordinator 

Position Description: Water Efficiency Program Coordinator

Do you want to be part of an enthusiastic team working with the agricultural community in Sacramento County to help growers and help reach sustainability goals? Come work with us! We are looking for a natural resource or agricultural professional to develop and run a 3‐year, Mobile Irrigation Lab (MIL) and Water Efficiency program that will provide technical assistance on irrigation efficiency and other on‐farm conservation issues. Training and mentorship will be provided as part of this program.


About Us

Located in Sacramento County, the Sloughhouse Resource Conservation District (SRCD) is a special district of the State of California and a local Groundwater Sustainability Agency (GSA). The RCD works closely with a variety of local and regional partners to become better stewards of our natural resources through education, outreach, and implementing conservation projects to advance the long-term sustainability of working landscapes, rural life, and our unique environment. Learn more about us on our website at


About the Position

Pursuant to the SRCD Board of Directors policy and at the direction of the District Manager, the Water Efficiency Program Coordinator will oversee and implement all activities of the Mobile Irrigation Lab, including managing and performing all aspects of field activities both directly and in coordination with other RCD staff, coordinating activities with growers, communicating with grant managers and managing the project budget and scope of work, purchasing materials and supplies, collecting data, writing reports and working with administrative staff to develop invoices, and contributing to other general SRCD work and assisting other staff as needed. The Project Coordinator will assist growers by improving irrigation practices, developing conservation plans, provide education on how to maintain efficient irrigation systems, provide semi-annual groundwater elevation monitoring of groundwater wells, collecting water samples, introduce growers to new technologies and best management practices relating to water efficiency, and encourage growers to become more active in location education and outreach events.


Overview of job duties includes responsibilities to:

  • Schedule and coordinate with growers for meeting locations, dates, and times.
  • Perform irrigation evaluations, typically 1 to 2 per day between the months of April through September. Evaluations include determining system pressure, system uniformity, flow‐rates, and application rates. Irrigation System Evaluation training program at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo will be provided.
  • Attend additional trainings and certifications as needed. Certifications helpful for this position include Irrigation Association’s Agriculture Irrigation Auditor and the Natural Resources Conservation Service’s (NRCS) Technical Service Provider (TSP) and Conservation Planner.
  • Develop a comprehensive irrigation evaluation report for each grower using data collected in the field and field notes with the goal of providing changes to irrigation scheduling that lead to improved irrigation efficiency and water conservation.
  • Provide other on‐farm technical assistance as needed, including pump efficiency testing, best management practices for water efficiency, soil health, carbon farming, and other on‐farm conservation topics.
  • Perform networking and outreach activities through one‐on‐one grower interactions and through attendance and participation in workshops, seminars, and agricultural events. 
  • Develop presentations and/or workshops to promote the water efficiency program and educate on topics that focus on irrigation efficiencies, modern technologies, and related topics. 
  • Coordinate and collaborate with a broad array of partner organizations, agency staff, and landowners. 
  • Manage project budget and grant deliverables, communicate with California Department of Food and Agriculture grant managers as required, purchase materials and supplies, and work with SRCD administrative staff to develop invoices, and quarterly and annual reports to grantors. 
  • Exercise independent judgment and discretion in the overall management and issue resolution on projects.



Any combination of experience and education which provides the required knowledge and skills is acceptable:

  • Bachelor’s Degree or higher in Natural Resources Planning, Plant or Soil Sciences, Ecology, Agriculture, Biology, Environmental Science or a related field of study or five (5) years field and management experience in agriculture, irrigation technology, agricultural or natural resource technical assistance or crop and soil sciences. 
  • Community‐oriented individual that conducts themselves in a professional manner and is passionate about working cooperatively with people with different perspectives, priorities, and temperaments.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience working in the Sacramento region. 
  • Fluent in Spanish, Hmong, or another language widely spoken in Sacramento County. 
  • Possession of a Technical Service Provider certification through the Natural Resources Conservation Service or a willingness to obtain one.

Physical Requirements: 

  • Ability to work in the field in a variety of outdoor and sometimes inclement weather conditions and walk on uneven terrain including disked fields and ditch hopping. Considerable physical activity is involved including walking up to two miles, bending, stooping, squatting, twisting, reaching and working on irregular surfaces, lifting up to 25 pounds, and occasional lifting of up to 50 pounds. •
  • Ability to sit for long periods of time; to climb stairs; work inside buildings and in confined spaces; to and work alone or closely with others.


  • Required to possess and maintain a valid California driver’s license, Class C or higher, to carry out job-related duties.



  • Salary Range: $60,000-75,000
  • Benefits include full coverage of health insurance and a deferred compensation plan with employer match.

Anticipated Start Date:

  • November 2023


To Apply:

  • Please attach a cover letter, resume, and three professional references in the form below or email directly to Austin Miller at
  • Deadline to apply is Friday, October 13, 2023. Applicants may later be asked to submit a driving record. The position is open until filled. If you would like additional information, please contact the email address above. 
  • The Resource Conservation District is an equal-opportunity employer. Candidates reflecting the social diversity of California are strongly encouraged to apply.

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Sloughhouse RCD Contract Opportunities

On Farm Conservation Planners - Request for Qualifications
On-Farm Conservation Planners 


On-Farm Conservation Planners

Proposals Due: October 6, 2023



Qualifications will be accepted via email by Brittany Friedman at until 5:00 pm on October 6, 2023.

Major components of Project Work consist of developing one or more on-farm conservation plans related to soil health, irrigation management, grazing management, and carbon farming.



The Sloughhouse Resource Conservation District (SRCD) is seeking qualified individuals to assist the Board of Directors in completing a variety of on-farm conservation plans funded through the California Department of Food and Agriculture’s Conservation Agriculture Planning Grant Program. Plans must be completed in accordance to the relevant USDA NRCS activity description.

Links to Activity Descriptions: 

  • 116 CPA Soil Health Management Plan 
  • 159 DIA Grazing Management 
  • 162 DIA Soil Health Management Plan 
  • 163 DIA Irrigation Water Management Design 
  • 218 CEMA Carbon Sequestration and Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Assessment 
  • Carbon Farming Plan


SRCD has received funding to develop the following plans:

116 CPA Soil Health Management Plan5 Plans in Sacramento County; 1 Plan in Tuolumne County
159 DIA Grazing Management2 Plans in Sacramento County; 1 Plan in Tuolumne County
162 DIA Soil Health Management2 Plans in Sacramento County
163 DIA Irrigation Water Management Design - 1-2 Designs with Pump Test2 Plans in Sacramento County
218 CEMA Carbon Sequestration and Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Assessment1 Plan in Sacramento County
Carbon Farm Plan4 Plans in Sacramento County; 4 Plans in Tuolumne County

Project Schedule:

SRCD Issues RFQ September 13, 2023
Deadline for QualificationsOctober 6, 2023
SRCD Board Selects Planners October 11, 2023
Anticipated Contract Start Date November 1, 2023
Final Conservation Plans to SRCD Board April 2025 or earlier

Project Location

  • The Sloughhouse Resource Conservation District is located in Southeast Sacramento County. Selected farms receiving these services will be in either Sacramento County or Tuolumne County (see list above).


  • All inquiries concerning this Request for Qualifications (RFQ) must be directed in writing to Brittany Friedman at

Qualifications Submission

  • Submit via email to Brittany Friedman at by 5:00 pm on October 6th , 2023.

Proposal Preparation Cost

  • Costs for developing qualifications are entirely the responsibility of the proposers and shall not be chargeable to the SRCD.



General Requirements 

  • Registered Technical Services Provider (TSP) with the United Stated Department of Agriculture (USDA) Natural Resources Conservation Services (NRCS) in the planning categories of the relevant plan (see table above). If an applicant is not a registered TSP, documentation demonstrating qualifications pertaining to the development of specific plans and their proposed agricultural conservation practices must be provided. 
  • Experience working with local governmental agencies to implement projects
  • Experience working with a variety of stakeholders and ability to aggregate many different ideas and opinions
  • Experience working with on-farm conservation plans

Knowledge of:

  • Applying soil health and/or water efficiency best practices in Sacramento County
  • Groundwater conservation projects (on-farm conservation, groundwater recharge, etc.)



Cover Letter

  • Qualifications shall be transmitted with a cover letter that includes the name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, and which of the above-listed plans you would be interested in working on. Planners are also encouraged to provide a brief description of their experience that demonstrates the ability to perform the essential functions and provide the required knowledge, skills, and abilities.


  • Provide a resume of no more than two pages that summarizes your experience, education, knowledge, skills, and abilities. The resume should include a summary of education, specialized training, certificates, or licenses obtained that demonstrate the individual’s ability to develop on-farm conservation plans.

Additional Information

  • Planners may (optional) submit up to two relevant work examples.

Address the proposal



Qualifications will be evaluated in detail by SRCD staff and additional information may be requested from candidates. The following represents the principal selection criteria that will be considered during the evaluation process:


  • This includes the individual’s/company’s experience working with farmers and ranchers to develop on-farm conservation plans/projects. Applicants must be a Registered Technical Services Provider (TSP) with the United Stated Department of Agriculture (USDA) Natural Resources Conservation Services (NRCS) in the planning categories of the relevant plan (see table above). OR, if an applicant is not a registered TSP, documentation demonstrating qualifications pertaining to the development of specific plans and their proposed agricultural conservation practices must be provided.

Education and Expertise:

  • Education, specialized training, certificates, or licenses obtained that demonstrate the candidate’s expertise in the field and active participation in professional or trade associations.


  • Characteristics, traits, and strengths that make for a strong candidate and the motivation for wanting to work for the SRCD.

The SRCD reserves the right not to award a contract, to modify the scope of services required as necessary, and/or to accept or reject any or all submittals received as a result of this request.



Term of Agreement

  • The term of the agreement shall be October 1, 2023 – April 1, 2025.

Standard Terms and Conditions

The following clauses, in substantially the form presented, will be made part of a contract the selected company will be expected to sign. It is anticipated that modifications and additions may be required once a Contractor has been selected.

  1.  Termination and Breach of Contract: The SRCD may terminate the Contract for the breach of any covenant, term and condition of the Contract by the Contractor, its officers, agents or employees, provided the breach is not cured within ten (10) days after written notice thereof is presented to Contractor. In the event that the Contract is for any reason terminated for cause by the SRCD, Contractor shall be liable to the SRCD for the expense of the SRCD arranging to obtain any services provided herein from an alternative source. The SRCD may terminate this Contract after thirty (30) days notice for any reason. If the SRCD terminates this Contract without cause as provided for herein, SRCD shall be liable for the reasonable value of Contractor's work up to the effective date of the notice. The SRCD’s determination of the reasonable value of the Contractor’s work shall be final. 
  2. Time of the Essence: Time shall be of the essence with respect to each term and condition of the Contract. 
  3. Indemnity: Contractor agrees to fully indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the SRCD, its officers, employees and agents from any and all loss, damage, liability, claim, demand, or cause of action whatsoever resulting from or alleged to have arisen out of or have resulted from any act or omission of Contractor, its officers, employees, agents, independent contractors, or representatives in the performance of this Contract.
  4. Independent Contractor: In the performance of the work herein provided for, Contractor shall be, and, is an independent contractor and is not an agent or employee of the SRCD. The SRCD has and shall retain the right to exercise full control and supervision of the services to be rendered to the SRCD and full control over Contractor in the performance of all services hereunder. The Contractor shall be solely responsible for all matters relating to the payment of its employees, and all other regulations governing such matters.
  5. Workers' Compensation Insurance Requirements: In addition to any other form of insurance required under the terms of this Contract, the Contractor shall maintain Workers' Compensation insurance with statutory limits for any employees of the Contractor. If any owner or employee is not covered by Workers' Compensation insurance, the Contractor shall provide a statement to the SRCD to that affect. The Contractor shall agree to fully indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the SRCD, its officers, employees, and agents from any and all workers' compensation claims by any owner, employee, or subcontractor of the Contractor in the performance of this Contract.


You can submit the qualifying information directly to Brittany Friedman, Administration Coordinator, electronically to or submit the information below:

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Other Employment Opportunities

California Association of Resource Conservation Districts Job Board



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