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Sloughhouse Mobile Irrigation Lab

Call (916) 628-0369 to SIGN-UP!

The Mobile Irrigation Lab (MIL) now available for the 2024 growing season for producers within the SRCD boundaries. The Mobile Irrigation Lab is a FREE resource designed to help provide technical assistance to growers with on-farm, one-on-one consultations, that focus on water efficiency, pump efficiency, and nutrient management. 

For interested growers, the MIL team will first ask participants to answer a confidential questionnaire regarding farm/vineyard/orchard irrigation systems, pumps, crops, acreage, etc. Once the confidential questionnaire is completed and submitted, the MIL team will contact you to schedule an evaluation. 

During the on-site evaluation, the MIL team will collect data in the fields which will be provided to the grower in a comprehensive & confidential report. The evaluation & report will focus on the following: 

  • Distribution Uniformity (DU) tests (how evenly water is applied to the surface of the crop)
  • Amount of water applied (application rate) during an irrigation event
  • Pressure & Flows(map included)
  • System recommendations (maintenance, improvements)
  • Coordination of a free pump efficiency test
  • NRCS Soil Report

To see more information regarding the Mobile Irrigation Lab (MIL) please watch the presentation recording below:

MIL Program Recording.mp4

Why Participate?

The goal is to help growers achieve greater water efficiency within farms/orchards/vineyards that will help reduce water & energy costs. Greater efficiency means less water pumped, less energy used, healthier soils and improved crop yields. The MIL is funded by a three-year grant awarded by the Water Efficiency Technical Assistance Program by the California Department of Food and Agriculture. GROWERS ARE HIGHLY ENCOURAGED TO PARTICIPATE!

If you are interested in receiving a FREE irrigation system evaluation & well pump efficiency test, please call or complete the questionnaire below!

Call (916) 628-0369 to SIGN- UP!

Mobile Irrigation Lab Questionnaire/Sign-up(English)

Mobile Irrigation Lab Questionnaire/Sign-up(Spanish)

If you have any questions regarding the MIL please contact Chris Timmer, Water Efficiency Program Coordinator to discuss further - or (916) 628-0369.

WETA-MIL -SM-Flyer-English.pdfWETA-MIL -SM-Flyer-Spanish.pdfWETA-MIL -SM-Flyer-Hmong.pdf

Mobile Irrigation Lab FAQs_06_24_24.pdf

Placing catch cups
Drip Flow Test
Person checking equipment in an orchard.
A person squatting by an olive tree, examining olives on the ground.
A farmer watering crops in a field with sprinklers under a clear blue sky.
An agricultural field with sprinklers and crops under a clear sky.