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Sloughhouse Mobile Irrigation Lab

Are you interested in using water more effectively and efficiently to help save $$ on pump and water costs? Are you experiencing irrigation-related issues? Have you experienced stubborn problem areas within your crop? The Sloughhouse Resource Conservation District (SRCD) is excited to introduce the Mobile Irrigation Lab(MIL) to growers in the SRCD boundaries. The Mobile Irrigation Lab is a FREE resource designed to help provide technical assistance to growers with on-farm, one-on-one consultations, that focus on water efficiency, pump efficiency, and nutrient management. 


The goal of the MIL is to provide a FREE resource to our community that helps growers achieve increased irrigation efficiency which then helps save money with water & energy costs. For interested growers, the MIL team will first ask participants to answer a questionnaire regarding farm/vineyard/orchard irrigation systems, pumps, crops, acreage, etc. Once the questionnaire is completed and submitted, the MIL team will contact you to schedule an evaluation. 


During the on-site evaluation, the MIL team will collect data in the fields which will be provided to the grower in a comprehensive & confidential report. The evaluation & report will focus on the following: 

  • Distribution Dniforty(DU) tests (how evenly water is applied to the surface of the crop)
  • Amount of water applied(application rate) during an irrigation event
  • Pressure & Flows(map included)
  • System recommendations(maintenance, improvements)
  • Coordination of a free pump efficiency test


Why Participate?

The goal is to help growers achieve greater water efficiency within farms/orchards/vineyards that will help reduce water & energy costs. Greater efficiency means less water pumped, less energy used, healthier soils and improved crop yields. The MIL is funded by a three-year grant awarded by the Water Efficiency Technical Assistance Program by the California Department of Food and Agriculture. GROWERS ARE HIGHLY ENCOURAGED TO PARTICIPATE!


If you are interested in receiving a FREE irrigation system evaluation, please complete this questionnaire to qualify.


Sloughhouse RCD Mobile Irrigation Lab Questionaire/Sign-up

If you have any questions regarding the MIL please contact Chris Timmer, Water Efficiency Program Coordinator to discuss further - or (916) 628-0369


A flyer promoting free irrigation evaluations by Sloughhouse RCD with services provided, contact info, and a QR code.